Blink Super

Blink Super


Its spherical and chubby flowers are displayed in bright pink turning to raspberry pink.

We bring to your attention that the flowers are natural products, the color and size of which may vary slightly during the season.

  • Vase not included

  • Care

    Your FLOWERADDICT delivery comes direct from the grower and comes from the order, which means these are the freshest flowers available. To enjoy your flowers for longer, follow these simple steps:


    • Cut the stems at a 45 ° angle to promote maximum water absorption


    • When cutting stems, it is best to use a sharp knife and slice off the stem  rather than with scissors, which can crush the tissue of it. 


    • Place the stems in a clean vase with lukewarm, freshly drawn water as soon as possible.


    • Make sure the flowers are placed out of direct sunlight, away from drafts or heat, and avoid extreme temperatures.


    • Change the water regularly to keep the flowers happy and healthy.


    • Place in water  deep and  don't forget to top it up.