Want to surprise your loved ones with flowers, or just to treat yourself? FLOWER ADDICT has chosen for you a selection of fresh flowers of the best quality.


The collection of Hydrangeas, with these many colors and these huge flowers for an effect  


Elegance in a vase with our hydrangea balls. 


Delicate, romantic flowers like roses in silk muslin.

They will be perfect in bouquets or centerpieces.


The emblematic flower of the holiday season, with its large, exuberant flowers and its long-lasting flowering.

A festive touch in the house!


An elegant branch filled with brightly colored berries.

The Ilex will be perfect to add a warm touch  at your  party decoration.


Whether to declare your love or simply to express your friendship, the rose is the ideal flower.

In all these color variations, it will be perfect for every occasion.


Say hello to spring with our selection of tulips.

With these rich and varied colors as well as these various shapes,

the tulip will easily decorate any interior and will require little maintenance. 


A fragrant golden rain!

Lucky flower and symbol of the arrival of spring, the sweet scent of mimosa will enchant you and these yellow flowers will bring sunshine into the house.